Friday, February 1

Transparency :: How Beautiful!!

From Amber's Journal:

Speaking of self-love, yesterday was a hard day for me. I was SOOOOO bored, which is really just part of living here. (for now at least) I said things that I knew I shouldn't have said to Anthony (loving myself more than him) about how I didn't understand why we have to live here. It seems that we are doing nothing on a day to day basis and that everything we are doing we could be organized from the states while attending church there and being near our friends and our family. I know this isn't true, but in the moment it felt so real. This morning in my Daily Strength for Daily Needs book I read a quote about God's guidance and shepherding of us. The writer said that no matter where we find ourselves we can trust that it is a green pasture for us where we will grow and thrive. And regardless of the circumstances around us we can trust that they are 'still waters' for us as long as we lay down beside them and drink of Christ. What a gentle rebuke! I even thought this morning that being bored is a lot better than being a lot of other things. I thought that God could be choosing so many other circumstances or emotions or whatever for us and may someday, but for today it is boredom. How small!
I want to learn to rejoice in the Lord in it.