Tuesday, July 31

Prayer Update - July 31

* Please pray for my health, that it will continue to improve. (Malaria)

* Terry Waller (WFA-I) is in Ethiopia for a couple of more weeks Agua Para Todos

* The work with the Addis Kidan and PTI 3, which begins in October. Doctrine of Sin & Man

Wednesday, July 18

Prayer Update - July 18

We are home...

A vehicle has been provided as well. Thanks for praying.

For those of you who have not heard...



Tuesday, July 10

Prayer Update - July 10

We will be home in August...A vehicle for traveling is a wonderful blessing while we are there. Please pray with us in this.


Do you think that there is something behind the fact that over 80% of those who commented to the question have set their feet on the ground here in Ethiopia?

Sunday, July 8

Prayer Update - July 8

* Terry Waller (WFA-I) will be coming to Ethiopia for a one month stay (Terry's link is below if you don't know him) Agua Para Todos

* Wisdom and Direction with the training of the Addis Kidan Pastors

* Dina - Orthodox Neighbor, 17 year old girl, seems colder by the day

* Ben & Pipo - Newly Married

Saturday, July 7

May I Offer an Answer?

It is quite possible that to many of you it appears sort of odd that we would be ‘missionaries’ serving in an overseas setting, yet be so committed to working with and through the local church.

So, if you are in fact wondering, or if you haven’t considered it until I just brought it up, here is a quick synopsis of why we are unwavering in our commitment to labor within and for the local church.

The short answer:
There is NO other means (other than the local church) of doing ministry even hinted at in the holy scriptures! God does not offer any other alternatives (not agencies, organization, or NGOs); He ordained that His kingdom would be built in and through His church.

The longer answer:
Is the church not of utmost importance to God? He Himself saw fit to place His electing love on her in eternity past…and then paid an unimaginable price to redeem her, the blood of His only Son, Jesus Christ.
God has sought out His enemies, conquered them with His extraordinary love, and then did the unthinkable…adopted them into His family! And not only that, but He is God-eternal and therefore He does not/cannot stop there, but lavishes His children with all that they need for life and for godliness in this life as well as guaranteeing them a splendid and distinguished inheritance in the life to come.
He chooses to display His own worth and excellence in the lives of His children (former enemies have been transformed into Majesty mirrors). And if that is not enough… consider Who He has placed at the church’s Head; none other than the ultimately glorious one, Jesus of Nazareth.
The same Jesus that when He left His followers on earth promised that He would not leave them as orphans but that He would send another comforter in the person of the Holy Spirit, Who is God Himself. It was when this Spirit of God came in such awesome power that the church of our Lord was actually birthed.

And now here we are, a score of centuries later, living in this reality…that God has established His church, for His people, to worship His Son, and spread His kingdom.

A round about way to say a few things, I know. But, I hope I have been at least a tiny bit clear that whether a long-time church-member, a new pastor, a believing child, or a international missionary, we all have absolutely NO other option of being a part of kingdom work except for working/serving in and through His local church.

Thursday, July 5

For You to Consider...

While you await my answer to my own question...it is, by the way, coming soon!

Click here to read.

Sunday, July 1

May I Pose a Question?

Actually, it is a question that I have a desire to answer and will hopefully do just that later this week.

But, until then, I would like to stimulate some 'chatter' about what it is that we are doing here in Ethiopia.

So, here goes...
We are considered "missionaries", we live in the 3rd poorest country in the world, the people of this country are 88% un-evangelized, YET we 'choose' to work with/through one local church here. I still have not asked a question, I realize that...here it is...or here they are...

Is what we are doing missions?
If not, what is it?
If it is, then how is it missions?

There you have it.
Some discussion please!
I will answer myself when dialogue ceases.

Also, I cannot comment on the blog (or any blog for that matter) due to the government blockage. I only have the ability to post and read. So, I will be able to see the comments, and if needed then I will respond by means of a new post.