Tuesday, March 13

Updated Website Info...

For Bingham Academy in the previous post.

Friday, March 9

An Opportunity for You

Bingham Academy is a Christian school here in Addis Ababa. There are openings for teachers at the school for the coming school year. There is no salary for teaching at the school, each teacher must be self-supported. It is considered the best academic school in the country, so children from all over the world are educated there. Actually, more than twenty countries are represented. It is really a mission field. If you are qualified with K-8 certification or a major in the HS subject area and interested contact us for more information. You may contact the recruiter directly, also.

Chances are if you are reading this then you would pass the litmus to live with us during your stay. An estimate of expenses for the school year would not exceed $8,000, and this includes airfare!

And, if you are and SBCer, then you could even get a stipend.

Here is a quick rundown of the openings:

High School (August 07 – June 08)
Business Studies and Economics
Physics (August-January only)

6th Grade (August 07 – June 08)

1st Grade (January-June 2008)

Monday, March 5

Photos from Bible Study

Ahyo, Imabaet, Muhaba, Haile, Yoseph, Weder, Pipo, Amber, Haileyesus, Ellie, Joe


(1 John 4:7-19)

I have for some time now had good intentions of writing some meditations about the LOVE OF GOD. If we, by HIS help, can fix our thoughts on this reality then our hearts and affections follow so quickly with love to HIM. The Apostle John is a superb example for us, and this portion of scripture serves us immensely concerning this matter. The text brings us immediately to a personal GOD, who is or ought to be the object of our love and worship and life.
To know who and what GOD is has been a vast mystery that has vexed the minds and souls of our race’s greatest thinkers. So to read of this truth so plainly spelled out for us in the Scriptures is quite astonishing.
The apostle here begins with the familiar Christian saying, “let us love one another”, but he doesn’t stop there. He must continue on, for our benefit, and trace the flood to the fountain by stating, “love is from GOD”. Therefore, love is divine, and proceeds from the nature of GOD alone. So wherever divine love prevails, it does so because of a new nature, from above, implanted by the regenerating work of the HOLY SPIRIT. Is this not exactly what John says; “everyone who loves is born of GOD and knows GOD”, and contrastingly as well, “the one who does not love, does not know GOD, for GOD IS LOVE”.
John is not content with generalities here, and thus continues on and refers us to that great, stupendous manifestation of DIVINE LOVE in the incarnation; “the love of GOD was manifested toward us, that GOD has sent HIS only begotten SON into the world so that we might live through HIM.” One result of this sending of HIS SON was propitiatory. Propitiation proves love, love to sinners especially. (1 Jn. 2:1-2) Propitiatory love is a chief demonstration to us of the Supreme splendor of GOD. The LOVE OF GOD being poured out within our hearts (Romans 5:5) displays more of GOD to us than all works or signs.
Throughout these verses there is this thread connecting the love in GOD’S nature, the love in the atonement, the love in JESUS, and the love in the Church. And the clear explanation is that it is the same love flowing from GOD to us via HIS chosen path, which is HIS TRIUNE work of accomplishing our redemption.
The second place where John explicitly states that ‘GOD IS LOVE’ gives us magnificent application for life; “if you abide in love, you abide in GOD and HE abides in you”. The ONE who made you, who has sustained you, and who has redeemed you makes HIS abode in you. The Love of God ought to be our habitation! We must live there, never going ought, or, going out soon to return. HIS LOVE should be our atmosphere, where we live and breathe and love. How is this possible? HE has accomplished it all for us.
Consider the final verse in this passage. “We love, because HE first loved us.” And loving us, HE conquered all barriers to us living in HIM and for HIM in all things.

Saturday, March 3

Greetings in March...

Well, please accept my apologies for not keeping you all very updated. We have been busy and I have just been a procrastinator. Now I am facing the issue of too many topics to include in one short update. But I will attempt it anyway, just ignore the sporadic topics and pray for them each if you will.

This is Kaleb, I have known him for over 3 years. Kaleb is a minister in a local church here in Addis Ababa. He was born crippled, and has lived with the disability for his entire life. One of his legs is underdeveloped, much smaller and shorter than the other one. He can walk, however it is with an immense limp. He doesn’t cease to move about the town and do the work of the ministry. As of late, his leg is giving him more and more problems. He has asked that we pray for him concerning his leg. It is catching, or locking at the knee while walking and this is a terrible situation here with the traffic. Please pray that God would grant him healing and assistance with his leg.

Faiza is at home now! It is amazing really, and we hope to visit her soon and provide pictures for you all to see. Continue to pray for her progress, as she is not yet walking on her own.

PTI is fast approaching. Do not cease lifting up this opportunity that has been provided to train these men that God has raised up to pastor His churches among the un-reached of Ethiopia.

Our adoption process is proceeding well, as far as we can tell. We have finished the first major part (home study) and will now continue as the Lord provides and grants direction for us.

We are hosting 10-15 of our friends each Saturday night in our home for bible study and dinner. It is good time in the Lord. Pray for these times; that God would assist and give us fellowship in His Son. We have had some Orthodox people join us on several occasions. Pray that God would teach us how to serve them and honor Him in doing so.