Saturday, March 3

Greetings in March...

Well, please accept my apologies for not keeping you all very updated. We have been busy and I have just been a procrastinator. Now I am facing the issue of too many topics to include in one short update. But I will attempt it anyway, just ignore the sporadic topics and pray for them each if you will.

This is Kaleb, I have known him for over 3 years. Kaleb is a minister in a local church here in Addis Ababa. He was born crippled, and has lived with the disability for his entire life. One of his legs is underdeveloped, much smaller and shorter than the other one. He can walk, however it is with an immense limp. He doesn’t cease to move about the town and do the work of the ministry. As of late, his leg is giving him more and more problems. He has asked that we pray for him concerning his leg. It is catching, or locking at the knee while walking and this is a terrible situation here with the traffic. Please pray that God would grant him healing and assistance with his leg.

Faiza is at home now! It is amazing really, and we hope to visit her soon and provide pictures for you all to see. Continue to pray for her progress, as she is not yet walking on her own.

PTI is fast approaching. Do not cease lifting up this opportunity that has been provided to train these men that God has raised up to pastor His churches among the un-reached of Ethiopia.

Our adoption process is proceeding well, as far as we can tell. We have finished the first major part (home study) and will now continue as the Lord provides and grants direction for us.

We are hosting 10-15 of our friends each Saturday night in our home for bible study and dinner. It is good time in the Lord. Pray for these times; that God would assist and give us fellowship in His Son. We have had some Orthodox people join us on several occasions. Pray that God would teach us how to serve them and honor Him in doing so.