Sunday, July 1

May I Pose a Question?

Actually, it is a question that I have a desire to answer and will hopefully do just that later this week.

But, until then, I would like to stimulate some 'chatter' about what it is that we are doing here in Ethiopia.

So, here goes...
We are considered "missionaries", we live in the 3rd poorest country in the world, the people of this country are 88% un-evangelized, YET we 'choose' to work with/through one local church here. I still have not asked a question, I realize it is...or here they are...

Is what we are doing missions?
If not, what is it?
If it is, then how is it missions?

There you have it.
Some discussion please!
I will answer myself when dialogue ceases.

Also, I cannot comment on the blog (or any blog for that matter) due to the government blockage. I only have the ability to post and read. So, I will be able to see the comments, and if needed then I will respond by means of a new post.