Saturday, February 16

Thoughts from a previous post

In a prior post I wrote this:

With this type of kindness being experienced rather than just mentally agreed upon, there comes a real thief into the situation. In order for that thief not to rob God of His honor, humility before Him consistently is of utmost importance for me. For His honor, but also for my sustenance, to not lean on my own understanding or 'strength', is an absolute must for me during these days.

I want to specify the reference I made to a 'thief'. I do wish I had taken this opportunity before now to delve in more so than I did in the above quote, but now is better than later.

This is the thief that threatens: PRIDE. I know, you're thinking even in this situation. Pride? Are you kidding me, or yourself? Our hearts are so incredibly bent towards honoring self they will take any and every occasion to do so. It does not take much apparent strength for our self-absorbed hearts to cling to things like, "you are so strong", "I don't know how you do it", and really any other statement, no matter how true it may be or from what genuine motive it was derived.
God is strong. And He has held me and mine during these days. He will be ultimately committed to doing so, I am sure. However, I am just as sure that any attempt to stand in my own strength will result in a kind display from the Lord that He is strong and I am not.
The thief of pride longs more than anything to rob God of His unimaginable honor, and to steal from Him that glory which belongs only to Him. Because our hearts are not much more than idol factories with the one idol of self being the most prominent, it is utterly crucial that Christ be continuously seated there on the throne of our hearts and that our own plans, strength, etc. be cast down doing proper homage to Him.