Wednesday, January 31

Pastors Training Institute

Pastor’s Training Institute

The Lord has been so incredibly gracious to us in such a short time here in Ethiopia. After only one month on the ground we have a training program (PTI) implemented and set to begin mid-April. The Institute will train men for the work of the ministry by teaching them systematically though the major Biblical doctrines. We are eager to begin this work and see what the Lord’s pleasure will be in this opportunity.
In the initial stages of the Institute the men receiving the training will be men who were chosen to be sent out of their local churches to plant churches in areas previously un-reached by the gospel. Our prayer is that the Institute will eventually also be available to those presently serving as a pastor or minister but lack the adequate training to do the work of the ministry.
In order for this to come to fruition, we are dependent upon the Lord for His provision in many areas. First, we are reliant on God to continue to raise up men who are called to the work of ministry and gift them accordingly. Then, there is the clear need for God to send men to Ethiopia to assist in the training of these pastors. He is providing for this even now in these early days of preparation. Kurt Strassner and Scott Duley are planning to travel to Addis Ababa in mid-April to inaugurate the Institute, by expounding for two weeks on the Doctrine of God. While here, Kurt will also teach a class in the Baptist Bible College on Christian Ethics. Many other men have expressed interest in aiding in the work of PTI. From pastors in the USA, to seminary students and professors, to other pastors and church leaders throughout Africa, we have had remarkable interest in this chance to train Ethiopian pastors.
One other significant need is the financial provision for the men receiving the training. In order for the men to travel into the city, lodge for two weeks, and eat it will cost about $50 per person.  Please pray that God will provide this for the 70+ ministers who are planning to attend. If you plan to invest in the Kingdom by giving, then notify me by email <>  for specific details.
It is impossible for us to sufficiently express the gratitude we have for you all and for your continued prayers. We have completed most of the preliminary requirements for the adoption and now must gather some necessary documents and play the waiting game for a bit. Thank you all for your interest and encouragement regarding our desire to grow as a family.
We would love to hear from some of you that we have yet to hear from since our arrival. We love you and are praying for you.