Tuesday, January 9

The Results from...

The meeting on Monday with the denominational leaders far exceeded our
expectations. After sharing about our desire to see churches planted
among the masses of un-reached/un-evangelized in Ethiopia, I was shown
a document that outlined a detailed plan for reaching the un-reached
peoples in 8 of the 9 regions of the country. Not only that, they
have identified men that are willing and ready for this task...72 of
them. The plan includes sending them out by twos to plant churches in
these 36 remote areas. The reason they have not pushed forward with
this plan is because they lack the ability to facilitate the training
and they lack the finances to support these ministers. There is money
pouring in for humanitarian/development efforts, but a minuscule
amount for this purpose...for the spread of the gospel.

I was given freedom and flexibility in the method and manner of the
training of these church planters. At this point I thought, "OK...we
have 8 months to plan and then maybe we can begin when we return."
However, when I asked what kind of time frame we were looking at, I
was informed that these men are ready to begin as soon as training is
provided. They have the facilities to lodge the ministers, feed them,
and hold the sessions when they come into the city.

Another encouraging aspect is that these men are already ministering
in their local church and will be sent by their church to the village
of the new church plant. The denomination has built in expectations of
the ministers. They have to be called by God to do the work of the
ministry and to show evidence of the gifts of that calling. They have
to be presently active in the ministry at their local churches, in
good standing with the elders and church leaders.

We, as you may imagine, were already in complete amazement at all
these things. Then we read from the Daily Light this morning...
"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His
might."-"Falsehood and not truth has grown strong in the land."-"Fight
the Lord's battles."-"Be strong, all you people of the land, declares
the Lord. Work...Fear not."-"Lift up your eyes and see that the
fields are white for harvest."-"Yet a little while, and the coming One
will come, and will not delay."

What can we say to these things? It seems that God has gone before us
and prepared a path for us to tread.

This is really more than we could have ever expected, and we feel that
temptation to look for the fallout or the reality lurking that it may
not be so. It is really more of doubting self rather than God.
However, lack of believing God is still at the root. Please pray the
God will bring this to fruition and honor His Son among the

We imagined training ministers in the city and maybe seeing some
reform in them, and possibly of few of them going among the
un-reached, but to consider the opportunity of training men to go into
un-reached areas, to risk their physical lives, and to preach the
gospel is more than we could have ever dreamed up. It is so serious
and weighty for us. It ought to be for us all. We must pray
fervently and consistently for these men...even though we don't know
them. Also, please pray the God would send men with hearts burdened
for this aspect of His kingdom work to pour out their lives into these
ministers of the gospel.

May God make this the burning passion of our hearts (yours and ours)
and grant us grace to pour out spetitions to Him...That we would love
His glory and long for the spread of His kingdom across this land.