Thursday, January 25

January 25, 2007

During the last two weeks I have been working on the curriculum for the
training of the Addis Kidan pastors/churchplanters. Today I met with Ermais
to go over the curriculum and to discuss the plans. It is an in-depth
curriculum beginning with God then moving on to man, sin, and salvation.
Under the appropriate topics I have included cultural issues that need to be
addressed such as angels and practical evangelism for Muslims and Orthodox.
Ermais was beyond pleased with the curriculum and had no changes to make.
Later Alem, one of the other denominational leaders, called me to say that
Ermais had shown the curriculum outline to him and that he is so happy with
the theology that is lined out there. We are delighted that the leaders
seem to be in agreement with all.

It also seems that God is planning to add to our family. After the
frustrations we encountered on our last trip here, we had given up on the
possibility of adoption while living in Addis. We have continued to ask the
Lord to add in His timing, but adoption seemed impossible. However, recently
I was helping a friend of mine look for a car. The owner of the car is a
man who runs an orphanage for a US agency that we met with previously
concerning adoption. He told me that a social worker from the US would be
in the city within two days if we wanted to meet with her. During our
meeting with her we found out that adoption while living here is a
possibility and that her agency is willing to help us. She put us in
contact with a social worker that is living here but is licensed in the
states, which is the requirement. Christ Church has given us their support
and encouragement to continue in the process so we plan to meet with the
social worker for our home study this weekend, trusting that the Lord will
provide the necessary finances.

The worker plans to finish the home study report within two weeks. We also
have to go to the American Embassy to be fingerprinted and to have an FBI
background check run. This usually takes about a month to come back. In the
meantime we will try to gather the necessary documents for our dossier.
When everything is together our file will be sent to Kenya for approval,
which takes approximately three months. Any time after that a child can be
placed with us. Lord willing, we will return to the states in August with a
new Mathenia where we will complete the other necessary legal processes to
declare the child a US citizen. We are surprised and excited by this
opportunity. We do ask for your prayers in this process.

Over the last week we have hosted a couple, Doug and Meseret, from the
northern part of Ethiopia called McKele. They came into Addis for the IOI
Bible conference and needed a place to stay. Their visit was an incredible
blessing to us as we enjoyed real fellowship around God¹s Word. Meseret is
an Ethiopian who was physically persecuted by her own family when she turned
to Christ alone for salvation. She and Doug have been faithfully sharing
the gospel with her family and praying for their conversions. They are
like-minded believers who are praying for God¹s direction in where he would
have them to minister. Please join them in their prayers, that they would
be used for the spread of God¹s glory in Ethiopia. (The area where they
live is one of the places that the Addis Kidan plans to send church

We thank God for youŠfor your concern and prayers. Let us press on.