Tuesday, February 6


On Sunday, while we were returning from preaching at a national denomination
gathering, Yoseph, Joe, and I came upon a young (about 10) girl who had been
run over by a car. The driver had left the scene and there were hundreds of
people gathered around. Two guys flagged us down and told us what had
happened, so we put the girl in the truck with her older brother and two of
his friends and proceeded to the hospital. She was motionless, unconscious,
and bleeding from the massive gashes on her face and head. Her torso was
skinned from her hips to her chest.
We left her at the military hospital, which was the closest one to the
scene. Later in the day on Sunday they moved her to the large public
hospital and performed surgery to stop the internal bleeding. Monday, she
remained comatose but the doctors were hopeful for her recovery.
Twenty-four hours before there had been little hope, other than God healing
her. The driver did turn himself in to the police later in the evening,
stating that he was fearful of being beaten to death by the mob that always
gathers following these type of accidents.
We have had contact with the driver and he has mentioned concern for his
soul, so please pray that we can maintain contact and that the Lord would be
pleased to use us in his life.

Tuesday morning when we called to check on Faiza, her family informed us
that she had come out of the coma and begun to speak. An amazing miracle
really, two days before I was not sure if she would live or not and now
awake and communicating. Please pray with us for her, she is from a Muslim
family. I will update again soon.