Monday, January 14

Update on PTI from Addis

Today went off without a hitch!
It is quite amazing to me that the logistics, which are a nightmare here to say the least, work out to where one guy from 9,000+ miles away and 60+ guys from all over the country meet at a central location with a sole focus.  In case you haven't read with much precision, we are discussing the Doctrine of Jesus this week. We began with the Eternal Glory that Jesus possessed within the Triune God in eternity past.  Well, considering that not only was Jesus eternal, without beginning, but His works were eternal as well led to an in depth look at the work of God in the soul of man.  With a huge emphasis on the eternality of that work which He does in man's heart being the primary focus of our time.
I trust that the Lord will be pleased to use today's discussion(s) for His good and that today would prove to be of eternal value.