Thursday, January 17

PTI-4 - Jesus, still the focus

Greetings on this Friday morning from here in the city of 8 million, seated 8,000 feet above sea level. I am so happy at the sight of what has happened during this week so far. As you might have suspected, by the second day I was feeling a bit discouraged at the lack of interest in Jesus and His exclusivity. Well, the power of the Gospel has proven to be the power of God. Following that day, I resigned to be even more careful to offer them nothing but the God-Man, minute by minute, morning and afternoon, day after day. The help from the Lord in preaching His Christ was so wonderful - in so many ways unlike I have experienced before. Even as I was preaching I felt as if I had 64 people tracking with me as we were exploring an old mansion again for the first time. Uncovering beautiful truths that had been lying dormant for years - or forever. We ripped up the old dirty shag carpet of our own understanding and, with a little work, were able to gaze at the beautiful, exquisite, intricately designed hardwood of Christ’s reality. We went around this corner and into that room and, time and again, made a fresh new discovery. Christ. The ever-present, never-changing, glorious Son of Man who Himself is God in the flesh.

I really cannot begin to tell you the benefit for my own soul. After 6 weeks of preparation, day after day of looking at Him, and then to be so full of Him and unable to hold it in as we looked at passage after passage that revealed to us His matchless glory.

Yesterday, following lunch we made our usual trek down to a little cafĂ© for coffee and tea. I heard the conversations at each of the tables of 4 or 5 men everyday. The weather. Home. School. But then, yesterday it was as if we were still in the session. A discussion here, a question about Christ’s two natures there, many were still thinking about Him and considering what we had seen about Him thus far, all the while anxious to know more of Him, realizing how He had been forsaken among them. I was almost ready to burst with thankfulness to God.

Please do pray for the remaining times together.

That God would in a very real way solidify "the truth as it is in Jesus" on the hearts and minds of His own.