Thursday, June 19

Reflections from Joseph Crampton

You’ve probably heard it said that we ought to eat our green vegetables because there are starving children in Africa (or at least that there are so many poor people across the globe that we ought to more rightly appreciate what we have). And it may well be safe to say that many people who live in poverty would love to come over here where no one really lacks necessities; in fact, I’d say that no one is really poor having been to Ethiopia. My little brother and Anthony spoke all week about how little the lack of material wealth really matters.
I can still not get far beyond the difference between common life over here in Mississippi and the common, everyday way of life over there, but I know that the same glorious God Who is over us is governing the frail beasts that plough the Ethiopian fields. I know also that the same Lord Jesus who was raised up on the third day to be a propitiatory and atoning sacrifice is preached by pastors on the countryside, several missionaries in the country, and by “Antony” when he’s there. I know that the same Holy One draws men to Himself through the preaching of His excellent Name, the reading of His Word, and even through the lives of believers.
I know that there are men and women in that country who say “Jesus is all I need” and then run to the mall to disprove their statement. We should be thankful for the woman whose only need is Jesus, the feet that bring the Good News, and the God Who brings about salvation for eternal beings.
So, while we ought to be concerned that 169 out of every 1,000 Ethiopian children under the age of five dies, we must not forget to pray that the Word of God would be a priority for the ministers. The salvation of souls ought to be our hearts’ cry.