Thursday, December 20

God is Love - part Two

If we, with the help of GOD, can fix our thoughts on the reality God, specifically Him being/defining Love, then our hearts and affections will follow with rapidity to express love to HIM and for HIM. The Apostle John, who no only knew of this love, but made his dwelling in it, is a superb example for us. John writes, “LOVE IS FROM GOD…FOR GOD IS LOVE”, and again “GOD IS LOVE…we love because He first loved us”.
Most minds who ever ponder the veracity of GOD himself, assume also that GOD is love. But, what does it mean that GOD IS LOVE, and in what sense is He Love? It may mean that He is loving, that He loves, or that He is benevolent. It does, in fact include all these, but this is not the Apostle’s full understanding when he exclaims, “GOD, HIMSELF IS LOVE”. In actuality, we cannot know intellectuality the depth of what John is declaring, because John is speaking from experience. Sure, he knows the truth that GOD is indeed all love, but the Apostle writes from an overflowing heart that has found all sufficiency in the abode of GOD’S Love.
The very nature of being God suggests that He is Love. Though He is not defined sufficiently by ‘love’, He defines LOVE perfectly. We know this LOVE because of its expression toward us. We wander in the shallows of Him being loving, or showing benevolence on our behalf, rather than making our abode in the unfathomable depths of Him who is all LOVE for us. As mere mortals, the hand of our Lover, not realizing that His benevolent hand extends forth from a boundless heart, easily distracts us.
The Apostle was keenly aware of this grave danger, and thus offers immense help in our grasping some degree of LOVE’S depth. GOD put HIS LOVE on display for us by dwelling among us in flesh (John 1:14). And not only this but 1 John 4:10 completes this portrait of Love by including His propitiatory purpose. It is a magnificent reality that ‘GOD IS LOVE’ in such a way that He did not remain far off, but chose to incarnate among us and demonstrate (Romans 5:8) for all time His amazing Love.
In an attempt to delve deeper into this divine display, let’s get up out of our pitiful makeshift shanties of personal circumstance and find our abode in the LOVE OF GOD (John 15:9-10). There is no solution to the marvelous mysteries of His incarnation and sacrificial death but this: GOD IS LOVE. LOVE precedes all, explains all, and illustrates all.