Wednesday, November 28

Ethiopia Adoption

I received this email earlier today from Dan Cruver.

Dan is the Ministry Outreach Coordinator at Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency.

Our director of international programs went to the Ethiopia Embassy in D.C. today to submit our Ethiopia adoption application. They would not take it because they've stopped accepting US adoption agency applications since this past Sunday. Pray that God will move in the hearts of Ethiopia's leaders to open it back up. They are no longer receiving new applications from adoption agencies until this matter is settled. They have no idea when it will be settled or even if it will be settled. This needs serious prayer. God seemed to be clearing the way for us in this every step of the way. This is the FIRST obstacle, and it's a really, really big one.
May the Father of the fatherless move in the hearts of the governments leaders for the sake of these orphans.

Please pray.

Will you not pray with us?
And for the children?