Sunday, November 5

Back at last...

Well, sorry for the long delay. We have been traveling and spending time with friends in the Louisville and Cincinatti area. It was a real blessing to fellowship with Grace Immanuel in LaGrange, KY and Pleasant Ridge Baptist in Cincinatti, OH.

We finally have definite plans for returning to Ethiopia. This stay in the US began as a 6-8 week stint and will be 8 months upon our return December 27th. I have been released from physical therapy and the knee seems very well. I am not released from my surgeon's care yet but expect to be in the next 2 months.

Please pray for us...pray that our final days here will be used for our good and Christ's glory.

When we return, we have the incredible priveledge of friends traveling back with us.
Lauren and Steven Chipman will be in Kenya for Lauren's med-school rotations in the spring, so they plan to travel back with us and stay for a week along with Justin Tucker, our friend in Millington, TN. Pray that this time for the three of them will help them know how to better pray and serve us in the work that God has called us to in Ethiopia.

Please pray also for our return...pray that God will give much grace for relying on Him alone no matter the situation. To understand the situation in Ethiopia right now I have included some recent news articles for you to peruse.

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